Our goal is to get users to their destination on time


Finding your way through a building is a process of making quick and continuous decisions. Our brain can cope with this provided the basic condition of clear and unambiguous communication is met. One unreadable or badly placed icon and you literally lose the user. Through good wayfinding, we lead users to their destination on time.


Users are not looking for a way or a path but for a destination. Humans are destination oriented beings … with an obsession for time. Time is the economic factor that is bound to post-modern man. Strictly speaking, therefore, the term ‘way-finding’ is not correct. But when it was introduced, it probably sounded better than ‘destination finding’.
Leading people to their destination in time by means of good wayfinding does not consciously make them happy, but it does prevent a negative experience.

‘The master shows himself first in confinement’

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Developing a good wayfinding strategy and signage that covers both customer and visitor needs requires an exercise in simplicity and clarity. The end result looks deceptively simple and for that reason it looks just as easy to realize. The opposite is true.


To achieve this simplicity, we analyse the needs, wishes and concerns of the customer and then synchronise these with the needs and behaviour of the users. The results of this analysis form the foundation on which we then build a strategy.


As soon as we have worked out the strategy, we move to the drawing board and work out the approach that takes into account the artistic, technical and substantive possibilities and limitations of both media and locations. For this we work closely together with scenographers, designers and production firms.

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